Revolutionizing the opium and cannabis industries for medical use.

We have standards and technologies that are adapted to be suitable, making it beneficial to people.

At Aria Green Farms, we want to use the development of kanchong and kancha for medical treatments to benefit people, to develop interesting things in research, innovative production and modern farming to export with excellent quality that we have for you!

We are determined with great determination.

Our team is committed to creating and researching the most efficient products for consumers and everyone. We are working to make everyone satisfied with our products!

Take care of and nurture every step to the best of your ability!

Our team is able to communicate systematically with all relevant parties, including the planting team and consultants, giving priority to the situation and the care of researchers and all other parties. We are confident that we can continue to excel and develop in other areas!

The development of a reliable product continuously.

Our research team has the ability to develop and support the cultivation of cannabis and hemp, as well as indoor greenhouse and aeroponics systems that produce higher quality and more efficient products on the farm with confidence!

Prevention and protection of safety.

We are confident that safety is the most important issue we must consider in all operations and research. We also strive to support people as much as possible by considering all the details in the production and research work.

Development that responds to diverse needs.

We are always looking for ways to create something new and develop new things for our viewers to experience, even if some of our pieces are already familiar. There is still plenty to develop and explore!

Cutting-edge innovation in the industrial sector

Our team will use science and medicine to create the best products for our customers!

We are delighted to contribute to society. Ariagreenfarms strives to use the highest quality technology and innovation, combined with knowledge and expertise, to develop medical advances and promote better quality of life for people around the world. In addition, Ariagreenfarms is committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of the use of herbs and herbal medicines, providing guidance on the use of herbs for medical treatment and support.

Value of the organization

The highest quality technology.

We have world-class technology and fully equipped laboratories, allowing us to develop and produce the highest quality work for everyone's benefit!

Developing Capabilities and Knowledge Transfer

We have world-class knowledge and technology that will help medical practitioners benefit from scientific medical knowledge to the fullest!

Perseverance that yields the best results in society

We often see changes in the economy that benefit society and continue to develop and sustain communities! For example.

We help with studies and support research

We prioritize research and development continuously to ensure our methods of cultivating and harvesting kratom are in line with medical standards.

Produce the best quality control products.

We are committed to developing innovative and quality products to meet market needs and provide related benefits to society.

We have standards for products and medicines

We have standards for certifying various products and medicines used in medical practice, which will help to maximize the benefits of treatment and other aspects.

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For all types of inspections, we are ready to serve

Hello! We provide kratom testing services such as kratom oil extract, leaves, and more. You can contact us anytime and we are ready to serve you.

Testing Laboratory for Cannabinoids


AltraZoneic extract that has been extracted and tested for accuracy with cannabinoids to identify a list of 16 items. 

Example existing

  • Withered flower/pale
  • Other dry/powdered kratom components, alkaloids
  • Isolec powder
  • I don't know the intensity. 


Our testing laboratory provides a reliable service that deploys cutting-edge technology and innovative testing methods to verify quality in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 standards. We have product testing to help customers comply with laws and regulations, and to ensure the quality and trustworthiness of products, including the results of the 16 CAN/CSA-Z299.2-02 items.

Services for testing available

  • CBD
  • CBDV
  • CBDA
  • CBGA
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • CBNA
  • THCV
  • Delta-9 THC
  • Delta-8 THC
  • THCA-A
  • CBL
  • CBC
  • CBCA

Contact us for testing services

Contact and inquire by yourself

If you have any questions about kratom or other methods, you can fill in the details to ask in detail. Our team will respond to your questions as soon as possible!

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